Just 50 Words

An open source editor for creating long form contents like articles, blog posts etc.


Just 50 Words is available for download for Mac , Windows and Ubuntu . The source code is available at Github .


A smart yet simple to use editor

because you should focus on writing only.

Just 50 Word features a clean editor that prioritizes making your writing more efficient, as compared to fancy features like formatting etc. There are a lot of available software (MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, Medium editor etc) that will do all the formatting for you. This editor focuses on a minimalistic and zen writing experience. We built features like automatic identification of complicated bullets, automatic sequencing of numbers, auto-completion of brackets, quotes, automatic saves, easy management of articles etc... all aimed to make your writing process a bit less stressful.

Writing prompt generator

because sometimes we need a little help to get started

Specially designed for people who write non-fiction articles, this tool suggests headlines or writing prompts for your selected keyword or phrase. Use these headlines/prompts as a starting point for your research and writing.

Inbuilt Pomodoro Timer

because short bursts of focussed writing is a proven technique

If you use timers or follow Pomodoro technique to write in short focussed sessions with regular breaks, we have you covered. We have a full featured timer with timed breaks to help you focus on your writing.

Write or get Nuked

because sometimes a negative reinforcement makes us more productive

Sometimes, you need a negative reinforcement (aka punishment) for procrastinating (aka being lazy). If you switch on the "Write or Nuke" option, then you are not allowed to stop typing until you reach the target number of words. If you stop for more than 30 seconds before completing the target number of words, that article will get deleted.

ability to configure everything

because each one of us have a unique style of writing

You can customize Just 50 Words to make it work for you. You can change writing targets, change the writing interface, audio cues, timer durations, write or nuke properties etc.

Free and Open Source

because some of the best things in life are free... and open source :)

Just 50 Words is a free software. The source code is also available for download. So if you have an idea for a new feature, you can simply make the changes in the source code and build your own version of Just 50 Words.

Easy learning curve

because our time is more useful writing, not learning about a new writing tool

Just 50 Words has been designed to be easy to use. You do not need to study long user manuals, complicated workflows etc. Just have a look at the short walkthrough video and you are ready to go.

More features planned for future updates

How can you help


You can securely donate using Paypal If this app helps you in your work, consider donating a small amount.This helps pay the bills for me and my kids and gives me time and lots of motivation to work on this app.

Review the code

If you know Javascript and are familiar with Angular2 and Electron then you can review the code, suggest changes, fix bugs or add new features. Just download or clone the source code from https://github.com/gunjankarun/just50words and do whatever you want.

Review and test the application

If you are a user of this app, then you can report bugs, suggest new features and share this app in your network. Help me improve this software as a user. I would also love to hear from you.

Help me spread the word

If you write articles or have a blog or are active on social media, then a review of this app will help me a lot. I would love to discuss any specific detail i.e. the technology involved, philosophy etc.


Help me, help you

If you have a project that uses Blockchain, AI, Data Analytics, Electron, NodeJS, Angular, R, Python, Ionic Framework etc, I can help.